Troubleshoot Responsive HTML 5 output issue with XML Documentation Add-on using FMPS.


Cannot publish Responsive HTML 5 output from XML Documentation Add-on using FMPS.


Perform the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Do the following to check if you have the latest update (14.0.3) installed for FrameMaker 2017:

    • Open the installation directory on the FMPS server machine.

    For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\FrameMakerPublishingServer2017\Adobe FrameMaker 2017

    • Right click FrameMaker.exe and select Properties > Details tab.
  2. Download the patch from FrameMaker 2017 Cumulative update 3 (2017.0.3) and update the FrameMaker on the FMPS Server machine.

  3. After updating FrameMaker, open a DITAMAP in FrameMaker and publish Responsive HTML5 output using default.sts file.


    If you are using any customized .STS file, ensure that you provide the path of the settings file in FMPS presets as “/content/dam/fmdita-outputs/Setting_Filepath

  4. If you still can’t publish Responsive HTML 5 output, check if you get “missing fonts error” in the console when you open a DITAMAP.

  5. Install the missing fonts on the FMPS server machine and publish the Responsive HTML5 output using default.sts file in FrameMaker.

  6. Publish the Responsive HTML5 output for any DITAMAP from XML Documentation Add-on.

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