Learn how to install FrameMaker Publishing Server on a different local drive.

You can install FMPS on a different local drive other than default C drive to:

  • Save space on C drive
  • Avoid impact of any scheduled patching activities on C drive

Perform the following steps to install the FMPS on a different drive:

  1. Enter http://localhost in your web browser to verify if the IIS is running.


    If IIS is not running, add the server role WEB Server (IIS) in the Server Manager. For more information see the following URL.


  2. Create a folder named Adobe on the other drive and install FMPS 2017 in the folder.

    For example, E:\Adobe

  3. Search WebServerUI.rar file in C drive and copy it in the www folder on the other drive.

    For example, E:\Adobe\www

  4. Extract the WebServerUI.rar file in the www folder.

  5. Configure the FMPS on the IIS. For more information about configuring FMPS on IIS, see Using FrameMaker Publishing Server (2017 release).

  6. On IIS, right-click fmps14 site to redirect it to the www folder on the other drive.

  7. Select Manage Website > Advanced Settings and change the physical path.

  8. Click OK.

  9. Launch FMPS UI using the following URL on a web browser.


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