Known issues in Bridge

Learn about the known issues and limitations in the latest release of Bridge.

November 2020 release (version 10.0)

  • Transparency behaviour is not constant for all PSDs available in the content panel, and changes randomly on changing the workspace or other settings.
  • Label menu does not respond correctly to change in the scaling factor on Windows.
  • Play option appears misaligned at 300% resolution.
  • Content in preview panel is not scaled as per the scaling factor.
  • Adobe Bridge Help and Adobe Bridge Support Center in-app links are not working.
  • Purge cache for folder using Tools menu does not work.
  • Photoshop option is not available under tools menu. Fix will be released with Photoshop 2020.
  • Find extension on exchange option under Window menu not working.
  • Smart collection not working in Bridge 10.0.
  • Bridge build can not be installed on Win7 64 OS.
  • Creation date changes to current date after applying keywords to gif and png files.

October 2018 release (version 9.0)

Issue: Labels that were applied using Bridge CC 2018 version are not supported in Bridge 2019 version. However, labels from Bridge CC 2017 version work fine in Bridge 2019.

Workaround: Re-apply labels from Bridge CC 2018 version in Bridge 2019.

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