When testing the link in the SWF file locally, hyperlinks do not work in Flash SWF files that have been exported from InDesign CS4 or InDesign CS5.


Solution 1: Upload the Flash SWF file to a web server


Solution 2: Set the Flash Player Security Settings to allow access to the file on the Hard Drive 

When you click the hyperlink in the SWF running in a web browser (or the standalone Flash Player) from your local disk, you are presented with an "Adobe Flash Player Security" dialog.

  1. Click the Settings button.
  2. In the web page set the Flash Player to approve access the folder on the local drive.

Note: If you have no intention of uploading the SWF to a web server, you can declare the top-level directory of the hard drive as “Safe” to the Flash Player. Thus you don’t have to set the access permission for every SWF file you want to run locally.

Solution 3: Use the Preview Panel (InDesign CS5 only)

To open the Preview Panel do one of the following:

  • Click the Preview icon in your  Motion, or Animation Panel.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut: Cmd+Option+Return ( Mac), or Ctrl+Alt+Enter ( Windows).

Additional information

For hyperlinks in SWF files not to work locally is expected behavior.  

By default, you cannot mix local and network references (URLs) in the same SWF when running the SWF locally. If you deploy the SWF to a web server, the hyperlinks should work as expected. In order to preview this correctly when running the SWF locally, you have to declare your local directory as "safe" to the Flash Player.



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