Unable to save documents | InDesign CS5 | Mac OS


The Save and Save As commands stop working and are dimmed in the File menu in InDesign on Mac OS.


Save your work by exporting to IDML, force the application to quit, then relaunch and open the IDML files.

  1. For each open file that you can't save, choose File > Export and select InDesign Markup Language as the format.
  2. Export the file with a name that you can associate with the .INDD file.
  3. Choose Apple Menu > Force Quit (Mac OS) or press Command + Alt + Delete > Task Manager (Windows) and force InDesign to quit.
  4. Relaunch InDesign, open the IDML files you exported, and save them as new .INDD files.

Additional information

Attempting to save the file via a scripting interface also fails. Adobe has been unable to reproduce this failure, and  hasn't found a root case that can be resolved. Some customers report they have been able to avoid this issue by disabling Preflight. But others report that disabling Preflight did not solve this issue for them. Adobe will continue to try to uncover the root cause for additional solutions.

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