Introduction to LiveCycle home page

Adobe LiveCycle home page displays list of available modules along with links of important information such as Help documentation, support, system information, blogs, and forums. To open LiveCycle home page, go to http://<server>:<port>/lc.

LiveCycle home page supports Single Sign-on(SSO) authentication. To access a module, click the module name listed on the home page. For example, to open Forms manager, click Adobe LiveCycle Forms Manager. 

On the home page, only those modules are listed, which are accessible to the logged-in user. 

You can customize appearance of a home page to provide a distinct organization-specific appearance. For example, you can change an image to use logo of your organization.

Home page supports following customizations:

  • Adding new modules
  • Hiding existing modules
  • Customizing icons
  • Adding new locales
  • Customizing properties of a module

For detailed information on customization, see Customizing LiveCycle home page.

LiveCycle Home Page
LiveCycle Home Page

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