Saving a task or Startpoint (Save as Draft)

When working on a task or Startpoint, you can make a number of changes to the task or Startpoint.

For example, you can update the associated form. You can also annotate your task with photographs or scribble notes.

As you continue to make changes, you are recommended to save a draft of the task or Startpoint.

Say you update the form and do not plan to submit the task or start the process (for Startpoints) right away. In this case, you can simple save your work as a draft.


You need to make changes to the form associated with a task to save the task.

To save a draft

  1. Go to the task summary page.

  2. Tap the Save button at the lower-left corner of the summary screen.

As soon as you save your work, a draft copy made in the Outbox. Also, if you make any changes to the task or Startpoint in your task or Startpoints lists, the changes are immediately reflected in the Outbox copy.

When you next synchronize your app, the draft copy is uploaded to the LiveCycle server.

In addition, the draft is moved from the Outbox to the Drafts folder.

As you continue to work on multiple tasks and Startpoints and save them, the drafts are copied to the Drafts folder. Each time your app is synchronized with the LiveCycle server, a copy of the draft is saved on the server.

This ensures that at any point of time you can recover the work on the drafts from the last saved date and time. For example, if you need to reinstall the app or even change your mobile device, you can download the draft copies from the server.

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