When you save to PDF in Photoshop Elements, you get the following error:

"Could not save as [filename] because of a program error."

The document you are saving has Type layers that use one or more of the following fonts: 

Hebrew: Aharoni, David, FrankRuehl, Gisha, Adobe Hebrew, Levenim MT, Miriam, Miriam Fixed, Narkisim, and Rod.

Asian: Angsana New, AngsanaUPC, Browalia New, BrowaliaUPC, Cordia New, CordiaUPC, DillenialUPC, DockChampa, EucrosialUPC, FreesiaUPC, IrisUPC, JasmineUPC, KodchiangUPC, Leelawadee, LilyUPC, and Adobe Thai.


Solution 1: Use a different font.

Change your Type layers, so that none of the above listed fonts are used.

Solution 2: Save as a different file format.

Save your file as a different format, such as JPEG or PSD.

Solution 3: Simplify the text layer.

Simplify the Type layer containing any of the listed fonts by right-clicking the Type Layer in the Layers Panel and choosing Simplify.

Simplify layer

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