Files conformed each time project opens


Each time that you open a project, the media in the project is conformed.

Conforming media can be time consuming. Always wait until the media is fully conformed before editing to ensure that the media plays back properly. Editing before the media is conformed can prevent the audio from playing back.

Conforming only occurs when the media has been first imported, or if any changes to the media occur outside Adobe Premiere Pro.onfirming


Files are conformed when Adobe Premiere Pro detects additional changes to the media files. Make sure that the media cache files are located in the proper location.

Important: In Edit > Preferences > Media, make sure that the Media Cache Database is always set to a local, nonremoveable drive. 

Also select Save Media Cache Files Next to Originals When Possible. This option allows you to have the Media Cache Files on a network drive or a removeable drive, and reduces the need to reconform the media. 

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