Export and import context settings in Adobe RoboHelp Server 10

RoboHelp Server Web Administrator lets you export and import the server setup for a given context to another instance of RoboHelp Server 10 installation on a different machine.

This is required:

  • When you have created a staging setup on a machine and once it is certified, you want to move the setup to a production machine.
  • When you want to create a duplicate RoboHelp Server setup which can be used as a backup in case the primary setup fails.

The setup is exported as a setup zip file. It consists of:

  • Areas created in the context
  • Project merging option for each area
  • Context-wide settings like search schedule settings, database cleanup settings, and moderation settings
  • Authentication mechanism (database/LDAP)
  • Information about users, groups, and permissions
  • Published projects
  • Usage data captured
  • AIR comments or topic ratings

To export the server setup for a given context, follow the steps given below:

  1. In RoboHelp Server Web Administrator, click Settings > Export Setup.

    The Settings dialog box with Export Setup options:

    RoboHelp Server Settings dialog box with Export Setup options

  2. In the Export Setup section, select what you want to export. You can choose to export projects, usage data, or AIR comments and ratings.

  3. Click Export.

  4. Click Yes on the Setup Export confirmation dialog box.

    Export is initiated.

  5. Click OK once the export is complete.

    The setup zip file is exported at the location <RHS-Install-Path>\web-INF\SetupExport\ as a <context-name>.zip file. The setup zip file contains the following folders:

    • database - This folder contains the .CSV files which contain the data exported from the database.
    • WEB-INF - This folder contains all the settings files for the exported setup.
    • projects - This folder contains all the projects published to this context.

Once you have successfully exported settings for a context, you can import these settings on a different machine. You can copy the setup zip file on the system having the RoboHelp Server installation, and import the server setup by selecting Import Settings in RoboHelp Server Configuration Manager.


The setup zip file must not be renamed during copy.

To import, follow the steps given below:

  1. In Configuration Manager, select File > Import Settings.

    The Import Settings dialog box:

    RoboHelp Server Import Settings

  2. Browse and select the Setup zip file in the Source section.

  3. In the Destination section, select the context to which you want to import the settings.

    All the project and area settings of the existing context is replaced by the data from the Setup zip file.

  4. Enter the Server URL in the format http://<server-name>:<port-number>/<context-name>/server.

  5. Click Import. Once the import is complete, click OK.

    RoboHelp Server automatically restarts the Tomcat service.

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