Ariba Integration initial setup and configuration steps


Ariba Integration


To set up the initial link between Ariba & Adobe Sign:

  1. Log in to Adobe Sign as the Account Admin.
  2. Click on the Account tab > Adobe Sign API > API Information > click the link to create an Integration Key (Note: Support can enable the Integration Key feature for your account).
  3. Enable all the Scopes for the new Integration Key.
  4. Select the new key & copy the Integration Key value.
  5. Log in to Ariba using the same email address that was used to generate the Integration Key.
  6. Go to Manage > Administration > Project Manager > Signature Providers.
  7. Select Yes on the Enabled radio button in the Signature Providers page.
  8. Enter the Integration Key in the text box.
  9. Click Test Connection.

Additional information

Please note that in order to access the Signature Providers page in Ariba, you must be a member of the following system groups:

  • Contract Administrator
  • Internal Contract Administrator
  • Sales Contract Administrator
  • Customer Administrator
  • Project Administrator
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