Ariba Integration initial setup and configuration steps


Ariba Integration


To set up the initial link between Ariba and Adobe Acrobat Sign:

  1. Ensure that you are an account or group-level administrator in your Acrobat Sign enterprise tier account.
  2. Contact Acrobat Sign Support to ensure that your account is provisioned in the AribaIntegration channel.
  3. Follow the configuration instructions from Ariba’s documentation.

Support for the Ariba integration is managed directly by Ariba as the developers and owners of the code. If you have any integration issues or concerns, contact Ariba support.

Additional information

Please note that in order to access the Signature Providers page in Ariba, you must be a member of the following system groups:

  • Contract Administrator
  • Internal Contract Administrator
  • Sales Contract Administrator
  • Customer Administrator
  • Project Administrator
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