Getting an error 'Invalid user ID or email provided in x-api-user header' while sending agreement from Salesforce. | Adobe Sign


When the user tries to send an agreement from the Adobe Sign Agreement tab in Salesforce, the error message is shown as "Invalid user ID or email provided in x-api-user header."




An error occurs when the email address being passed as a sender in x-api-user header is not part of the Adobe Sign account with which the integration is set up in SalesForce. The Email address is x-api-user header, which is picked from the user profile in SalesForce.


It is necessary to enter the same email address in the Salesforce profile as the one with which you have registered the Adobe Sign account.

Following are the steps to change the email address in the Salesforce profile:

  1. Click your name at the top in SalesForce and select My settings.
  2. In the left navigation panel, under the Personal section, click Personal Information.
  3. In the Email box, enter the same email address provided in the Adobe Sign account and then click the Save button.

Additional information

If you are using Send on Behalf feature using Agreement Template, make the above changes on the Profile of Send on behalf user.

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