Adobe Sign keep sending just one event AGREEMENT_CREATED


Adobe Sign API Webhooks


Why does Adobe Sign keep sending just one event AGREEMENT_CREATED, even though the event selection in Webhook is All Agreement Events, but the document is fully signed?


To successfully register a webhook, the webhook URL responds to this verification request with a 2XX response code and moreover, it can send back the same client id value in one of the following two ways:

  1. In a response header X-AdobeSign-ClientId. It is the same header, which is passed in the request, and be echoed back in the response.
  2. In the JSON response body with the key of X-AdobeSign-ClientId and its value being the same client ID that is sent in the request.

Adobe Sign receives the 2xx response with X-AdobeSign-ClientId. User can check whether it is configured properly in webhook or not.

The Webhook Url is not responding as per the expected behavior. For every Post notification that Adobe Sign sent, URL responds with 2XX status code and reciprocate the client ID sent in request headers(X-AdobeSign-ClientId) back in the response headers. 
For complete information, see the following link:!adobeio/adobeio-documentation/master/sign/webhooks/

When the URL fails to abide by this protocol, Adobe Sign considers that it did not acknowledge the request and attempt to reschedule as per the reliable policy.

If the webhook fails to respond and either the maximum retry time or the maximum retry interval is exceeded, the webhook is disabled.


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