How to get the Authoring Mode to drag-and-drop form-fields using REST API?


Adobe Sign REST API Swagger Application.


Following are the steps to get the Authoring Mode using REST API:

  1. Log in to Adobe Sign.

  2. Navigate to  Account>Adobe Sign API>API Information and click REST API Method Documentation.

  3. POST /transientDocuments and upload a file and create a transient Document ID.

  4. Copy the transient Document ID and use it in the POST /agreements method. Mention the following JSON request in the box:

        "options": {
            "noChrome": true,
            "authoringRequested": true
        "documentCreationInfo": {
            "recipientSetInfos": [{
                    "recipientSetRole": "SIGNER",
                    "recipientSetMemberInfos": [{
                        "email": "test1@gmail.com"
                    "privateMessage": "Hello 1"
                    "recipientSetRole": "SIGNER",
                    "recipientSetMemberInfos": [{
                        "email": "test2@gmail.com"
                    "privateMessage": "Hello 44"
            "signatureType": "ESIGN",
            "message": "Please review and sign this document.",
            "locale": "en_US",
            "signatureFlow": "SENDER_SIGNATURE_NOT_REQUIRED",
            "formFieldLayerTemplates": [],
            "name": "Adobe Sign Agreement",
            "formFields": null,
            "fileInfos": [{
                "libraryDocumentName": null,
                "transientDocumentId": "XXXXXXXXXXXX"
  5. To execute the JSON Request, click the Try It Out button.


    The correct JSON returns the response with the agreement ID.

  6. To open the agreement in Authoring Mode, copy the URL and paste it into a browser's address bar.

  7. Drag-and-drop the form-fields  at the required location.

  8. To send out the agreement for signature, click Send

Additional information

It is the test API call for getting the Authoring Mode to drag-and-drop form-fields using the default REST API documentation. You can use the same JSON code in your own application as per your requirement.

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