Business Process Error on creating agreement in MS Dynamics CRM | Adobe Sign


Microsoft Dynamics CRM


A sender is getting the following error while sending a record for signature. They get the error when the agreement record is created.

The error appears when the sender goes to more options and then clicks “Send for signature”. The issue occurs only in a production environment where the application security (F5) and load balancers are set up.


When the managed solution for Adobe sign is imported in CRM, the associated plug-in libraries are registered under the isolation mode: sandbox. This causes problems in production environments. Manually update it to “None”.

Additional Information

  1. Check if integration key is valid on global settings page.
  2. Make sure that the business rules are activated (Sometimes rules are deactivated if installation/ upgradation was not done successfully).
    If so, import solution again, but wait for all processes to complete on every window before you click next or ok.
  3. What does the log file read when you download it?
  4. Press F12 on keyboard and try to find errors in Console/network.
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