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In the latest version of V6, the method DELETE /libraryDocuments/ID is not available as it used to in version 5 of REST API.




Adobe has a new API PUT/libraryDocuments/ID/me/visibility to control the visibility of an agreement(in GET /agreements). In addition to the functionality provided by the DELETE /agreements/ID, the new visibility endpoint also allows a user to revert the ‘hide’ operation, that is, make the agreement visible again.

You can follow the detailed steps as below:

  1. Go to method get /libraryDocuments and retrieve the agreement ID.
  2. Click put /libraryDocuments/{libraryDocumentId}/me/visibility and provide the below request as sample:
      "visibility": "HIDE"
    The library ID is hidden only from get /libraryDocuments, however, it is still visible under the Manage tab UI.

Additional information!/libraryDocuments/updateLibraryDocumentVisibility

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