To add the Send for Signature button under the custom Entity  in MS dynamics.


MS Dynamics (v7)


  1. Sign in to MS Dynamics.

  2. Navigate to Settings Customization.

  3. Click the Customize the System option.

    Customize the System
  4. In the left navigation pane,  click the required custom entity.

    For example, Customer.

  5. To display the fields and controls, click the name of the Entity.

  6. Copy the value from the Name field (for example the value is new_customer). 
    It is the internal system name of your custom Entity.

    Name Entity
  7. Navigate to the 1:N Relationships option, under your custom Entity.
    Click the New 1-to-Many Relationship button.

    New 1-to-Many Relationship
  8. Create the relationship:

    1. Choose Agreement from the Related Entity field.
      The Name field changes to show {entityName}_adobe_agreement.
    2. Paste the name of your custom entity, for example, new_customer, in the Display Name field.
      The Name field changes its value to “new_” + {entityName} + “Id”. (new_new_customerID).

        c. Click Save and Close.
            The Relationship window closes.

        d. Click Publish All Customizations at the top of the 1:N Relationships page.


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