Message templates can be set up separately for each group. It allows members of different group to have access to their own custom message templates.


Adobe Sign interface


Following are the steps to create Message Templates on group Level:

  1. Log in to Adobe Sign account.

  2. Go to Account Groups.

  3. Select Group and click Group Settings.

  4. Select the option of Message Templates.
    (For group admin, go to the Group tab and then Message templates.)

  5. Select the Enable message templates check box.

  6. To create a template, click the + icon.

  7. Add Template name, Template Message, Language, and Save it.

Following are the instructions to use the Message templates:

  1. Go to the Send page.

  2. Under Recipients' Language, select the correct language set for the template.

  3. Under Message, click Message Template and select the template to apply.

Additional information

Both the Account Admin and the Group Admin can set up Group Message templates. User of one group cannot access Message Templates of the other group.

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