How to define a default agreement name and agreement message for every document being sent out using Adobe Sign app in SharePoint?


Adobe Sign - SharePoint Integration


  1. Log in to SharePoint and click the Adobe Sign tab on the top of  the SharePoint site.

    It displays the ribbon with all the available Adobe Sign features.

  2. Click the Settings icon.


    It is area where you can define your personal Agreement template. Once defined, you cannot return to the page until and unless you want to adjust the template.

  3. Define your Personal Settings. Your personal settings allow you to define a default agreement name and message for all the agreements that you send from SharePoint using the Adobe Sign app.

  4. Click Save.

Additional information

The Agreement Name field (255-character max) allows you to enter any string that identifies the agreement. This string populates in the Subject line of the recipients’ email (highlighted in yellow below), and also as the name value on the Manage page. Providing a unique and meaningful agreement name helps your recipients identify your email more readily, and can improve your ability to search for the agreement if needed

The Agreement Message is a plain text field where you can enter any instructions or comments that are warranted (highlighted in green below). The message is shown in the "Please Sign" email sent to all recipients and you cannot use it as the personal notes you attach for each recipient.


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