How to Delete a Library Document using the API? | Adobe Sign


If you are using Adobe Sign REST API, you can permanently delete your Library templates and also Library templates created by other users in Group and Account.


Adobe Sign REST API


Generating a libraryDocumentID

  1. Go to
  2. Click libraryDocuments .
  3. Click the oAuth Access-token button. Authorize Access - Token for Self, Group Or Account.
  4. Select libraryTemplateType - Document Or Form_field_layer.
  5. Click Try It Out.

You can receive a response as the following for all your templates. (Copy libraryDocumentId  for the Library Template you want to delete).

  "libraryDocumentList": [
      "name": "testing fields",
      "modifiedDate": "2017-08-04T01:06:05-07:00",
      "scope": "PERSONAL",
      "libraryDocumentId": "3AAABLblqZhAK53Dvzq88Q1Ov0TEvMAySDPpIVjF1PWgUpy0H1uYggt4iwGiRSZYlWfl9ms_AcmgZ_uZMPPN2hNT9izwaspHc",
      "libraryTemplateTypes": [

Deleting Library Templates

  1. Copy  libraryDocumentID  from the Response Body.
  2. Go to Delete  libraryDocuments .
  3. Click the oAuth Access-token button. Authorize Access - Token for Self, Group Or Account.
  4. Paste the  libraryDocumentId  in the Value field.
  5. Click Try it Out. 
    The template is deleted.

You get the following Response Code:


Additional information

  • Submit a request with the Support team, to get the scope enabled for Library deletion.
  • API deletes the library document. However, the agreements created using this library document are not impacted.


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