Senders can create unique messages for each recipient in the signing process before sending documents for signature or approval.


Adobe Sign Interface


How to enable Private Messages:

The ability to create private messages is disabled by default. Administrators can enable it using the Private Messages to Recipients setting (in Send Settings).

  1. Log into Adobe Sign Account as an Account Admin.

  2. Go to Account Account Settings > Send Settings.

  3. Go to Private Messages to Recipients.

  4. Select the Allow senders to include a private message to each of the recipients check box and save.


How to use Private Messages:

  1. If private messages are enabled, senders can click the Add a private message button on the Send Page.

  2. In the Private message dialog box, enter the recipient-specific private message.


How it appears to Signers:

  1. Recipients can easily read the private message during the signing experience.

  2. The private message is also included along with the general message in the email to the recipient.


Additional information

  • The feature is available only for Adobe Sign Enterprise Accounts.
  • You can enable the setting for a group as well by the Account Admin. Group Admins can enable it for their group.

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