How to retrieve the agreement IDs for particular date range using REST API?




To retrieve the agreement IDs for a particular date range, do the following steps:

  1. Open the REST API Documentation for version 5.

  2. Go to post/search/agreementAssetEvents and generate the access token with relevant scopes.

  3. In the request code, define the start and end date as per the requirement:

      "endDate": "2018-05-22T22:33:33",
      "startDate": "2017-12-22T22:33:33"
  4. Click Try it out. It fetches the agreement asset IDs, which can be also used as agreement IDs.

Additional information

The agreement asset refers to an asset through which you can create an agreement, for example, library document, widget, and agreement, itself.

To search for Agreement Asset Events, first, make a request to the API that creates agreementAssetEvents with relevant search parameters.

The Response is the first page of results along with a search Id param and next page cursor. You can use it to fetch further page results if they are available using the API, which retrieves agreementAssetEvents based on search Id.

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