How to increase the field length and the font size of a field created using a text tag?


Adobe Sign Interface


  1. Increasing the font of the text tag:
    The first open curly bracket decides the font type and size of the field. For Example, you can change {{Birthday_es_:signer2:isdate(format=dd/mm/yy)}} to {{Birthday_es_:signer2:isdate(format=dd/mm/yy)}
  2. ​​​Increasing the length of the text tag field: 
    The length of the field can be increased by increasing the space before the end brackets. For Example, you can increase the field size of this text tag field {{Birthday_es_:signer2:isdate(format=dd/mm/yy)}} as {{Birthday_es_:signer2: isdate (format=dd/mm/yy)}}

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