How to save a signed copy of an agreement signed by Adobe Sign in Box.com Account?


Following are the steps to save signed copy in Box.com account:

  1. Log in to Box.com account.

  2. Create a Folder in Box.com account and select to save the signed copies.

  3. Click ..., and then click Settings.

  4.  In the Uploading section, you are redirected to select the Allow uploads to this folder via email option.
    A unique email address is generated for the folder as shown in the following figure:

  5. Copy the email address.

  6. Log in to Adobe Sign account.

  7. Navigate to Account > Account Settings > External Archive.

  8. Under External Archive, paste the copied email address in the box, and then click Save.


Additional Information

It is the updated Box.com account interface. The steps are different from the old one.

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