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How to set open password for signed documents using REST API?


Following are the parameters that you can pass in the code to set open password:

        "signatureType": "ESIGN",
               "recipientSetInfos": [{
            "recipientSetMemberInfos": [{                       
                "email": ""                   
            "recipientSetRole": "SIGNER"                          
               "signatureFlow": "SENDER_SIGNATURE_NOT_REQUIRED",
                   "fileInfos": [           {                
            "libraryDocumentId": "3AAABLblqZhBsm_vH7TVzU3hRdbtWuvzfTKDvBzaKZTiehjO2eGTk5Rlu02K-0BYn8HBJVFTWOmT_BQlrofPBlrCdjiJ_JI-V"         
        }       ],
               "name": "Open password to view document",
               "securityOptions": {         
            "openPassword": "1234",
                     "protectOpen": true    

Additional information

As a Sender, provide the password to the signer. The password is not mentioned anywhere in the email sent from Adobe Sign.

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