To provide a file to be used in the FileInfo Parameter defined under the DocumentCreationInfo section of POST/Agreements, call in REST API.


Adobe Sign REST API V5


Following are the steps to add files in FileInfo Parameter:

  1. Use transient ID:

    Go to POST/transientDocuments and upload the document to be used from your local system.
    Use the transient ID generated under the File Info section in POST/Agreements:

     "fileInfos": [
            "transientDocumentId": ""
  2. Use Library document ID:

    Go to Dashboard. Click Add document to Library and save the template.
    Under REST API Documentation, click GET /libraryDocuments and retrieve the Library ID for template being created.
    Under POST/Agreements, provide the library document ID:

    "libraryDocumentId": "",
      "libraryDocumentName": "",
  3. Use publicly available URL:

    Provide the publicly accessible URL to be used under FileInfo parameter:

            "documentURL": {
              "mimeType": "",
              "name": "",
              "url": ""

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