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The template document created using apttus X-Author plug-in is configured in word document. This template includes Account Name field from Salesforce account object. As it is a merge field, the name of the account is loaded when we generate the document. Customer likes to send this template only for eSignature.
The customer likes this account name value to be editable by the signer during his signature. How is this achieved?


To achieve, you have to use merge mapping because the apttus merging happens when the file is generated. So it does not create a text tag that is editable. Steps listed below.

  1. You would have to edit the document template that apttus uses. Edit it to include a text tag where you want the editable field (make sure it is not read-only).
  2. Configure merge mappings for the editable field.
  3. Create an agreement template for the merge mapping.
  4. Configure apttus to use the agreement template.

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