Use POST /agreements to create an agreement. Sends it out for signatures, and returns the agreementID in the response to the client. Below is the JSON format to send agreement using Phone authentication method.


"documentCreationInfo": {

"mergeFieldInfo": null,

"recipientSetInfos": [{

"signingOrder": null,

"recipientSetRole": "SIGNER",

"recipientSetMemberInfos": [{

"securityOptions": null,

"email": "Signer@email.com"


"privateMessage": null,

"securityOptions": [{


"authenticationMethod": "PHONE",

"phoneInfos": [{

"phone": "1111111111",

"countryCode": "+1"




"signatureType": "ESIGN",

"callbackInfo": null,


"message": "Please review and sign this document.",

"locale": "en_US",

"vaultingInfo": null,

"securityOptions": null,

"reminderFrequency": null,

"ccs": null,

"postSignOptions": null,


"daysUntilSigningDeadline": null,

"formFieldLayerTemplates": [],

"name": "Adobe Sign Agreement-Phone authentication testing",

"formFields": null,

"fileInfos": [{

"libraryDocumentName": null,


"documentURL": null,

"libraryDocumentId": null



"options": {

"autoLoginUser": true,

"authoringRequested": false,

"noChrome": true,

"sendThroughWeb": null,

"sendThroughWebOptions": null,

"locale": "en_US"



Additional information

authenticationMethod (string) = ['NONE' or 'INHERITED_FROM_DOCUMENT' or 'PASSWORD' or 'WEB_IDENTITY' or 'KBA' or 'PHONE' or 'ADOBE_SIGN']: The authentication method for the recipients to have access to view and sign the document,

For more information on Signer Authentication method, please visit the link below

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