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Signature Block is automatically added to the bottom of the document even when there are signature fields assigned for all the signers.


Adobe Sign Interface


Assign at least one signature field to each recipient if you are assigning them signer role.

Following are the reasons for signature block Auto-generated even if there is a signature field assigned to the signer:

  1. If one or more signatures fields are not set as Required.
  2. If signature fields have Conditions (Show/Hide/Enable/Disable) applied to them.
  3. For Widgets, if you have not applied any Email field on the document.
  4. Also, the account is set up to require Title and/or Company fields.


Following are the options to resolve the issue in each scenario:

  1. If the signature field is not set to Required make it a required field.
  2. If there are Conditions in the signature field, either remove the conditions or add one more signature field without conditions.
  3. Add an Email address field to the widget.
  4. If Title and Company are set to required, add the Title or Company field on the document or disable the setting from Signature Preference under Account Settings.
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