If I upload several files to send in one transaction, all the files are combined into one large PDF file during the signing process.

Can these documents be saved as individual signed PDF files?


If you have an Adobe Sign Business or Enterprise level account, there is a feature which you can enable to split the signed PDF files back into the individually uploaded files in the attachments on the Signed and Filed email that gets sent when a transaction has been fully completed.

To do this, log in as an Account Admin and click the Account tab > Account Settings > Global Settings > scroll down to the section labeled: Merge multiple documents into one document after signing and select the option: 'Keep documents separated.'

Note - You should have the setting: "Attach a PDF copy of the signed document in emails sent to" set to any option EXCEPT: 'No one.'

Additional information

By default the "Merge multiple documents into one document after signing" setting is set to: Merge documents.

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