How long does it take for a document to appear back on the Sharepoint library after it is signed?


Sharepoint 2013 OnPremise


The Adobe Sign for SharePoint solution includes an automatic status update feature. This feature polls Adobe Sign regularly to update all the Agreements in the site collection. SharePoint Timer Service manages the polling, and also manages all the timer jobs in SharePoint on the back end.

The “Adobe Sign Automatic Status Update Timer Job” is the specific job that triggers the polling, and can be viewed from the central administration page. By default, this job triggers once every 24 hours. It depends on the polling frequency, which can be changed/edited in SharePoint.

To edit the Adobe Sign Automatic Status Update Timer Job in SharePoint, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your SharePoint server as an Administrator.

  2. From start menu, run SharePoint 2013 Central Administration as administrator.

  3. Navigate to Central Administration > Monitoring.

  4. Click the Review job definitions link. The Job Definition window loads.

  5. To open the properties of a job, find the Adobe Sign Automatic Status Update Timer Job and click the job name.

  6. The Edit Timer Job page loads. Edit the timer to the polling cycle you prefer.

  7. Click OK to save the setting.

Things to know:

  • The timer job is scheduled to run daily at a random time between 12 am – 3:45 am, local server time.
  • Once triggered, it automatically updates the status of all open agreements.
  • This job is not advertised in the installation guide, and Admins are not advised to manually change the schedule of the timer job.
  • That said, the timer job can be configured to run as frequently as an hourly schedule but with the restriction that you set the start fields as below:    
    1. Starting every hour between 0 and no later than 1 minute past the hour.
    2. Click OK to complete the configuration.
  • Minute level granularity is not supported as it could cause problematic load on the Adobe Sign server. Do not expect to get automatic status updates while using a minute based schedule, as it never runs (programmatically enforced).
  • Do not attempt to trigger the timer job using the Run-Now option multiple times in a row. The timer has a programmatically enforced one-hour cool down to mitigate server abuse.

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