Unable to create a widget using a library document

Creating a widget using library template is not possible by design, but there is a workaround to achieve it.


  • Adobe Sign Web app

1) Library document. 
2) The template has to be both a field template and a document template (Refer this article to know how to create a library template).

In case the template is not a field layer, set it from the Template Properties section.


  1. Go to Manage > Library Templates > Select the Template.
  2. Click PDF on the upper right (Template Detail section) to download the original document.
  3. Go to Dashboard > Create widget > Upload the document downloaded in Step 2 > Select Preview & Add Signature Fields.
  4. On the preview page, click the Field Templates on the upper right and select the same library template used in Step 1 and click Apply.
  5. Click Save to create the widget.
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