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Points and Assets transfer | Substance 3D Assets

Points and Assets transfer

This feature is not available anymore

Transfer your content

Before September 30th, 2022, your Adobe account could be linked with your Substance account. When you linked accounts, you were able to transfer your assets and/or download points and access them from your Adobe account. To do so, your Substance account had to be eligible too.

On September 30th, 2022, Substance accounts were de-activated. It is not possible to link Substance and Adobe accounts anymore.

It means that you don't have access to the licensed assets history and to the remaining download points linked to your Substance account. It is why we suggest you either linked your Substance and Adobe accounts and transfer the content over if you have the possibility and your account is eligible, or you use up your remaining download points and save your licensed assets to somewhere you will able to access them in the future (such as a hard drive or a cloud space).

If you have an eligible Adobe account (individual user account) you will see a "Link your Substance account" button appear if you click on your profile (next to the gear icon) once you are logged in with the Adobe log in.

Please note that this can only be done on a desktop or on a large screen. If you are on mobile, it should work on landscape mode.

Content transferred by account type

Substance accountAdobe accountContent transferred
1 Indie subscription (ongoing or ended)Individual accountASSETS
1 Indie subscription (ongoing or ended)Individual account + an ongoing 3D subscription
(3D Collection or 3D texturing)

You can start an Adobe 3D subscription to transfer your Substance download points after you link accounts. Adobe Enterprise and Teams accounts aren’t eligible to link with Substance accounts.

Transfers are a one-way process

The transfer is a « one way process » from Substance to Adobe accounts.

When your accounts are linked, your content will be transferred to your Adobe account automatically. You can do unlimited transfers of content from your Substance to Adobe accounts.

Transfers cannot be undone.

How your content is transferred


Download points will be moved from your Substance account and credited to your Adobe account.
This will only be offered if you have an ongoing individual 3D subscription on the Adobe side.


Assets saved in your Substance account in My Assets will be copied and accessible from your Adobe account.
This copy of assets from the Substance account to the Adobe one is possible even if you don't have an ongoing 3D subscription in the 3D side, you only need to have an individual Adobe account.

Your Substance subscription won’t end if you have an ongoing one

Linking accounts does not mean that your Substance subscription will be automatically cancelled if you have an ongoing one.

After linking with your Adobe account, you will be able to cancel your Substance subscription. If you have download points that can’t be credited to your Adobe account, you will also have the possibility to start an Adobe 3D subscription to transfer these credits later.

Even if you have already ended your Substance Indie subscription, you will be able to link your Substance account to your Adobe one. Remaining assets and/or download points on Substance will still be transferred.

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