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How to get your asset to stand out | Substance 3D community assets

How to get your asset to stand out

You have created an asset and now you just have to upload it!
How can you make sure it will send out and that it will be seen by everyone?

Do’s and don’ts of naming an asset.

Substance share will be using both the title and the keywords to classify the asset and to return it in search results, so it is important that the names describe precisely what the asset is!

Please make sure that there is no punctuation between the different words, so that each one can be identified independently and that it is properly shown in search results.

It is not an issue if several assets have the same name, so you don’t need to use numbers at the end to make them different from others.

Adding the right metadata

By adding the right metadata in your asset you will make sure the info is passed down!

For example by adding an accurate physical size in your sbsar, you will allow the automatic render of your material, decal or atlas to have the level of displacement you want. By default there is no displacement in the render if there is no physical size in the metadata of the sbsar.

Setting the physical size in a sbs file before exporting the sbsar (capture by Ronan Mahon)

Writing a description

You spend a lot of time creating your asset, and we’d love to know more about the how and why!

Have you created it as part of a project, have you used any reference you would want to share?

Adding relevant keywords

Keywords are key in making sure that your asset appears properly when someone is searching for a similar asset, whatever the language they use to do that search.

You should add a minimum of 5 keywords, but don’t hesitate to describe your asset precisely!

With its category of asset of course, but you can be precise and add info about the specific type of stone of your material, the architecture style of your building model, the domain where it is used, the main colors... Do any details appear on your asset? Is it dirty, clean, rusty, muddy or old? Realistic or stylized? If a pattern appears, what is its shape?

Adding additional images

Have you created renders of your asset? Do you have some where your asset is used in a scene your have created? We’d love to see those!

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