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How to use Substance Player | Substance Player

How to use Substance Player

Substance Player allows to load and play with any Substance graphs included in a package.

Load a substance

To load a file containing Substance graphs, you can either:

  • Go to File > Open
  • Drop the Substance 3D file (SBS) or Substance 3D asset file (SBSAR) in the 2D View

Once a file has been loaded, it appears in the 3D View, outputs are displayed in the 2D View, and parameters are visible in the Parameters dock .

Modify Substance Parameters

If you change parameters, the result is updated in real time in both the 2D View for each output, as well as in the 3D View.


Some Substance graphs are filters and require a bitmap as input. You can set an input image either in the required parameter, or by dropping a bitmap in the 2D View.

Export as bitmap(s)

Substance Player allows to export bitmaps for all the maps of the substances.

To do so, click on the Export as Bitmap(s) button.

Export as bitmap(s)

Save Presets files

Preset files are files with .sbsprs format.

They save some specific values of the parameters, and can be used in some other substance compatible software.

To save a preset file, you need to change some values of parameters and then click on the Preset button.

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