Install Presenter 10


When you download and install TCS 5.0, Presenter 10 is not installed.


If you are an existing TCS 5.0 user and are installing the latest patch, see the following article for resolutions to upgrade-related issues:

Upgrade to Captivate 8 & Presenter 10 for TCS5 customers


Presenter 10 is not installed as part of the TCS 5.0 installation. Perform the following steps to install this application.

Steps to Install Presenter 10

  1. During the installation of TCS 5.0, you are prompted for a location on the computer to extract the installation files.

    TCS 5.0 folder selection dialog for extraction
  2. After the TCS 5.0 installation is complete, go to the Adobe Technical Communications Suite 5.0 extracted files folder.

    For example, in the above screen shot, go to:

    C:\Users\Desktop\Adobe Technical Communications Suite 5.0

  3. In the Adobe Technical Communications Suite 5.0 folder, go to the folder Adobe Presenter 10\Adobe Presenter 10.

  4. To install Presenter, double-click setup.exe.

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