When attempting to print from Photoshop or Photoshop Elements you get the error: "Could not print because the ICC profile is no longer installed."


Reinstall your printer driver

For instructions on how to uninstall your current printer driver, please review your printer manufacturer's documentation. Visit your printer manufacturer's web site to download the latest version of the driver that supports your version of the Mac OS.

Additional information

The error may be caused by an incorrectly installed printer driver that either has not installed the associated ICC printer profiles or is looking for them in the wrong location. Although you choose the printer profile within Photoshop, Photoshop does not give the printer driver the location of the profile. Instead, that information is provided by the printer driver or the OS. 

Photoshop uses a different part of the driver and has significantly different color correction code than other applications, including those manufactured by Adobe. We can't know for sure if the profile is really missing, or if the given location is bad. If the profile is not where it is supposed to be, it may be a fault with the driver, but could also be with the OS. It is possible that support for newer Cocoa print paths (little used) versus older Carbon print paths (well tested) are the root cause. We continue to follow up with Apple and printer manufacturers about these issues.

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