Issue: No ASDoc content is displayed when you use an unsupported locale in a plug-in configuration of Flash Builder

When you compile a Flex application using an unsupported locale in a plug-in configuration of Flash Builder, no ASDoc content is displayed. You are using a non-bundled distribution of Eclipse.


  1. Close Eclipse.
  2. Open the eclipse.ini file in a text editor. In Windows, the eclipse.ini file is in the ECLIPSE_HOME folder. In Mac OS, it's in the Applications/eclipse/ folder.

  3. Add "-nl en_US"  or another supported locale to the top of the file.
  4. Save and then close the eclipse.ini file.
  5. Restart Eclipse with a new workspace. 

Additional information

When you use a nonbundled version of Eclipse on an unsupported Flash Builder locale, Flash Builder cannot determine what localized version of the ASDoc content to display. 


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