Known issues | Adobe Experience Manager Guides as a Cloud Service


Adobe Experience Manager Guides as a Cloud Service was formerly branded as XML Documentation for AEM as a Cloud Service. Please note certain references within the documentation may still refer to prior branding but are still applicable to the current offering.

This document contains known issues for XML Documentation for AEM as a Cloud Service June 2021 release. Adobe identified the following issues at the time of the release. 



Before you start using the Cloud Service release, you must clear the browser's cache.

  • Missing support for FrameMaker Publishing Server.
  • Unstructured FrameMaker document conversion to DITA is not supported.
  • Random publishing failure noticed for maps with more than 1000 topics.
  • Intermittent issues with baseline creation of maps larger than 1000 topics. 
  • Global Search and Replace in the Web Editor does not show the content searches for content inserted/modified by the Web Editor.
  • Folder names with capital casing are converted to small case while uploading content using the AEM desktop app.
  • Real-time comment synchronization is not working in the review  workflow.


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