• Adobe Connect Events
  • Adobe Connect Hosted/On-Premise
  • OS :  Windows/MAC
  • Adobe Connect version 9 and higher


Why do Event Reports show User Status **Not Attended** although they are marked as **Attended** under Seminar Reports


Sometimes some attendees can attend an Event using the seminar room link directly instead of attending via the Event Link.
In such cases, such users can get marked as 'Not Attended' when Event Reports are pulled.

Hence it is recommended for participants to attend the Event via registered Event link if the Hosts require to review the Event attendance reports later on.

Additional information

If there is a need, Debug Logs and API logs can be checked at the backend to confirm the exact link followed by the participant :-
Following is an example of the entry that is reflected in Debug logs if a user follows the Event link,

https://events-na7.adobeconnect.com/content/connect/c1/1160290918/en/events/event/shared/default_template_simple/event_login.html?sco-id=1736564507&login=Cristismith@gmail.com&_charset_=utf-8 for event: 1736564507