Not able to enter a Connect Professional meeting


You get the following error message when you try to enter an Adobe Connect Professional meeting: "The selected resource does not exist"


Port 80 was entered in to the Adobe Connect Enterprise Host value in the Adobe Connect Enterprise Server Console. Port 80 can never be appended to the Connect Host name. Other ports are allowed if you set up the Connect Enterprise Server to listen on a port other then 80.


Remove :80 from the Connect Enterprise Host field in the Connect Enterprise Server Console.

  1. Select Start > Programs > Adobe Connect Enterprise Server > Configure Adobe Connect Enterprise Server.
  2. Click on the Server Setting page.
  3. Modify the Connect Enterprise Host value and remove :80
  4. Click the Save buttonto save the changes.
Note: You can append a port number in the Connect Enterprise Host field, but only when the port is not 80 and you have configured the HTTP Port field to listen on a different port.


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