Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Add-in has the following issues sensing the DV Audio (sometimes video) through the Connect Pro Add-in:

  • Video broadcasts, but audio doesn't broadcast.
  • DV device does not display in the settings option within the Connect Add-in.


Use either of the following solutions:

Solution 1

Append "?launcher=false" to the end of your meeting room URL, to bypass the Connect Pro Add-in (that is, Connect.Adobe.Com/MeetingRoom?Launcher=false).

Note:  When using Solution 1, do not install the Connect Pro Add-in when prompted.

Solution 2

Launch the Connect Pro Add-in, but run a 2.5mm Male-to-Male jack from the headphone jack on your DV device to the Input line on your desktop/laptop.

Note: Solution 2 is best if you want to screenshare or upload documents while being inside the Meeting Room. Solution 1 bypasses the Connect Pro Add-in, limiting some of the Meeting Room functionality (for example, Screensharing, Uploading Content).


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