When you view a presentation in the slideshow mode in PowerPoint, the Action Button (Slide Show > Action Buttons) functions as expected. However, upon conversion to Breeze, the Action Button is disabled.


Breeze doesn't support the action features Last Slide Viewed, Custom Show, and End Show. However, the action feature Other PowerPoint presentation and Other File do have a workaround. Breeze allows you to include a hyperlink (URL) to point to another PowerPoint presentation or to an external file.

Note: When a Breeze presentation is published, the PowerPoint file (*.ppt) is uploaded to the server. However, any dependent files do not accompany the .ppt file. Any file that is linked within the presentation isn't uploaded to the Breeze server.

To include a reference to another file, choose any of the options listed:

  • If the file you're linking is a PowerPoint presentation, publish the presentation for conversion as a Breeze presentation. Once the presentation has completed conversion, use a Hyperlink to the new presentation. The referenced presentation is viewed as a separate document within the presentation.
  • Upload the file to a remote location (intranet or Internet site) and reference the file by using a Hyperlink. The referenced presentation is viewed as a separate document within the presentation.

Additional information

Breeze supports most animations and action features, but not all. Some action features aren't supported. Below are the action features not supported:

  • Last Slide Viewed
  • Custom Show
  • End Show
  • Other PowerPoint Presentation
  • Other File

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