If you do not know the password to the Breeze 'Database User', you can run the Microsoft SQL Server 'sp_password' command to change the password. However, you need to be logged onto the SQL Server as 'sa'. If you do not know the 'sa' password, you can run sp_password from the Windows command line if you are logged onto the computer as an Administrator.


osql -E -d master -Q "EXEC sp_password @new='newpassword', @loginame ='login-name'"

The "-E" parameter is the Trusted Connection option where it will use the Windows Administrator credentials to run the SQL command. This allows you to run the command without having to be logged in as 'sa'. You will need to change 'newpassword' and 'login-name'.

Note: Once you successfully change the password, you will need to go to the Breeze Console (http://localhost:8510/console) and enter the new password. You can find the password field by going to Application Settings > Database Settings.

Watch the demonstration below for the steps to change the Breeze password without being logged in as 'sa'.


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