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To review a consolidated report for some unique specific users, it is possible to add them into one group and then prepare the report.
It can be categorized as a three-step process as below:

  1. Create a Temp group using the following steps “Figure 1 and 2:"

    • Log in to Adobe Connect Account.
    • Click “Administration” tab and “Users and Groups.”
    • Click “New Group” tab.

    Add the “Name” and “Description.

  2. Add the unique users to be filtered in the Temp group using following steps "Figure 3 and 4:" 

    • Click “Administration” tab and then “Users and Groups.
    • Select the Temp group, for example: Unique_users.
    • Click “Information.
    • Click “View Group Members.
    • Select multiple users by pressing Ctrl key on the keyboard.
    • Click “Add.
    • Click “Finish.
  3. Filter the reports using following steps“Figure 5, 6, 7 and 8”:

    • Click “Reports” in Adobe Connect Central.
    • Select the type of report you would like to create. For example: Meeting
    • Select a Meeting report type, that is, Meeting Room Summary Report or Individual Meeting Session Report.
    • Select the meeting.
    • Click “Next.
    • Select the group for example Unique_users in the report filters and fields.
    • Click “Create Report.
    • A report is generated.
    • Click “Download” to download the report.

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