Privacy regulation compliance features

You can collect information about meeting participants using various capabilities in Adobe Connect, such as event registration forms, polls, and the  Q&A pod. There are various privacy regulations in different countries that can impose a range of requirements on data collectors such as our Customers. These requirements include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Specifying the purpose for which the participant’s information (such as email address and name) is collected and indicating how such data will be used.
  • Collecting an opt-in/opt-out or consent from the participant to receive marketing messages. 

To help Adobe's customers with their obligation to comply with such regulations, Adobe Connect offers the following tools.

Enforcing acceptance of a compliance notice before allowing participants to log in to the meeting room

An Adobe Connect account administrator can set a compliance notice that is shown to anyone joining a meeting. Participants must accept this notice to enter the meeting room. This compliance notice can contain detailed information around the purpose for which the participant information is being collected. This notice can also contain hyperlinks to  Adobe Connect customers’ own privacy policies. The compliance notice can be set from Administration > Compliance And Control > Recordings And Notice > Enable Compliance Notice.

Event registration pages created using Adobe Connect Events Module (Coming in Adobe Connect 9)

Using Adobe Connect Events module, users can ask their event participants specific questions as a part of event registration form. Adobe Connect customers can include a text box by customizing the Event page templates. That text box can contain detailed information around the purpose for which the participant information is being collected. The text box can also contain hyperlinks to customer’s privacy policy page. Or, it coould link to a page where the participant can opt-in  or opt-out of having information collected or receiving marketing messages.

Adobe provides these tools for customer convenience only, and the customer’s use of such tools does not imply or guarantee Customer’s compliance with any laws.  Customers must comply with all local laws; interpretation of and compliance with such laws are the responsibility of the customer.


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