Best practices to upload files

Supported file types

Adobe Connect supports the following file types:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (.ppt or pptx)
  • Images (.jpg, JPEG, GIF, or PNG)
  • Flash files (.swf)
  • A single video file (mp4, f4v, FLV)
  • Audio files (.mp3)
  • A single PDF file
  • A single HTML file
  • Adobe Captivate content published through the Adobe Captivate application
  • Adobe Presenter content published through the Presenter plug-in
  • A single image (JPEG, GIF, or PNG)
  • Presenter content packaged as a ZIP file:
    • A ZIP file that contains multiple SWF files and extra files (images, XML files, and so on) and a file called index.swf that is loaded first
    • A ZIP file that contains multiple HTM or HTML files and extra files (images, SWF files, and so on) and one file called index.htm or index.html
    • A ZIP file that contains a single PDF file.

Applications and processes for uploading content to Adobe Connect

Upload processes

To upload content to an Adobe Connect meeting, do one of the following:

  • Upload the content directly to the Share Pod.
  • Upload it to the content library.

Applications for sharing uploading content to Adobe Connect

You can use the following applications to publish content to the Adobe Connect content library:

  • You can install Adobe Presenter in Microsoft Power Point application (PPT/PPTX).
  • Adobe Captivate

Note: Uploading can be done in two different forms.

  • It can be directly published under Adobe Connect library.
  • It can be published locally in ZIP format, which can be then uploaded under Adobe Connect library.

Uploading content

  1. Try to create short video by breaking them into parts and upload them one by one under document library, which can be then share in the meeting room in parts. This will give you the best performance and flawless experience inside the meeting room.
  2. For the format such as WMV, WAV which are not supported, we can convert those files in to FLV and then upload in Adobe Connect library.

Following is detailed information on properties of a MP4 file, which work on Adobe Connect 8.2:

Video aspects

  • Format – H.264
  • Dimensions – 880x586 [you may alter this if required]
  • TV Standards – NTSC or PAL
  • Frame Rate – 29.97fps
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio – Square Pixels
  • Bitrate Encoding ~ 500kbps [0.5Mbps]

Audio aspects

  • Format – AAC/MP3
  • Bit Rate – 128 kbps
  • Frequency ~ 48 kHz
  • Channel – Stereo
  • Encoding – 2 Pass Encode for better quality

As mentioned, Mp3 format file is supported can be directly imported in Connect meeting room.

Best practices

While uploading content directly into Adobe Connect meeting room:

  • Adobe recommends that you use Adobe Connect application to run a meeting while sharing any document in meeting room.
  • Avoid opening a Microsoft PowerPoint window while uploading PPT file in the Share Pod. Also avoid opening other applications such as Adobe reader while uploading PDF file.
  • If you have Adobe Presenter you can to publish locally (My Computer) as a Zip Package and then share the Zip Package.

When uploading content to the Adobe Connect Content library for sharing in a Connect Meeting Room:

  • Save the PPTX as a PPT and then upload the PPT file.
  • Use Adobe Presenter to publish locally (My Computer) as a Zip Package and upload the zip file to the content library or publish directly from Adobe Presenter to the Adobe Connect content library.