CRM usage

Tier 2 Engineer case management - Using SAP/CRM

A Tier 2 Engineer is expected to log tickets in CRM for any new calls or cases picked up by them. Adobe uses the SAP CRM tool for logging and referencing customer issues via tickets.

Here's the URL to launch the CRM tool:

Described below are the steps of creating new tickets in CRM:

  • Search for the customer account in CRM through their contract ID/customer ID/email address.

  • Select one of the records and Confirm.

  • Click TS Cases now to create a new ticket.
  • Enter all the information described in the below image:

Description: Brief Description of the Issue

Priority of the Issue: Depends on sensitivity of the issue affecting customer's business; can be P4/P3/P2/P1

Direction: Select the direction from where the issue landed to you; can be Email/Web/CCRT/Inbound Call.

Status: Most commonly used values are In Process, Pending Customer action, Pending Adobe Action.

Support Type: Select Gold/Platinum in case of customers who have a valid support contract.

  • Select Product: Can be Connect Hosted General/Connect Licensed General/Connect Managed Services.
  • Sub - Product: Select a valid subproduct that relates to the issue.
  • Technology Code: Select the code that is closest to the issue description.

  • Click Save to generate a ticket number.

See the next item for adding Notes and Activities to your ticket.

Click the Activities button in CRM to add the activities performed on your ticket. Described below are a few examples of how activities can be added to your ticket:

  • Click on Add Item to add a new activity in the system
  • Select the appropriate activity like 'Email Inbound' , 'Call Inbound' , 'Email Outbound' , 'Web Update by Agent' , 'Escalate' as performed on the ticket.
  • Press Done to complete

Its turn now to add notes to your ticket to describe all the work done on the ticket by you. Click on the Notes tab of the ticket to enter your notes as below.

Select the type of Notes to be added to the ticket from the dropdown :

  • Case Notes : Select this option and add all the internal notes and information you have selected from the customer related to the issue. This may also include any email communication happened or any information collected verbally on call/connect session from the customer.
  • Notes to Customer : Select this option to put information which can be visible to the customer via support portal. This option is also used to respond to tickets which have been opened by the customer via support portal.

  • Once the notes are complete, press Done to come back to the main page.
  • Press Save now to finally complete your ticket for reference.


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