It only takes a few minutes to brand (or customize) your Adobe Connect account. The result is greater "reach" for your brand, and a more familiar experience for your participants. Using the customization features within Connect allows you to brand what participants see when entering your online meetings. You can also customize the appearance of your online meetings for ongoing use.

You can choose to customize the following:

  • Login page
  • Online meeting room
  • Account administration (back end of Connect)
  • Pod colors in online meeting room
  • Online meeting room backgrounds

Adobe recommends using this feature so your participants always know what to expect from your online meetings. It also gives them the assurance they have "come to the right place."

Before you begin, make sure that you have three sizes of your logo available in three separate files (JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP format). Create the images with the following dimensions.

  • 360 x 50
  • 410 x 310
  • 50 x 20

Brand your Connect account in less than 30 minutes

1. Customize your login.

  1. Log in to your account, then choose Administration > Customization > Customize Login.
  2. Click Background and then choose an appropriate color from the palette.
  3. Upload your logo file (410 x 310).

2. Customize your meeting room.

  1. Return to the central Customization page and then click Customize Meeting.
  2. Click Background Color and then choose your color from the palette.

    Tip: A lighter color works better.

  3. Click Title Bar Color and choose a color from the palette.

    Tip: Darker colors work best for the contrast (the title bar text is white).

  4. Upload your logo file (50 x 20).

3. Create a custom background.

  1. Using an image editor, create a landscape, letter-sized blank image with your logo in the lower-left corner. Save it as a JPG.

    Tip: You can create the background in Microsoft PowerPoint. Using a blank slide, cut and paste your logo into the lower-left corner of the slide, and then save the PowerPoint file as a JPG.

  2. In your account, click Administration > Shared Content.
  3. Choose the JPG file to upload.
  4. Select New Content, enter a Title, and then click Save. You content is loaded to your Content Library.
  5. In your Connect meeting, click Meeting > Room Performance and Appearance > Room Background > Select Room Background.
  6. In the Browse Content dialog box, navigate to the JPG file you recently uploaded, and then click Open. Your background imag appears, with your logo positioned in the lower-left corner, as illustrated below.

    Note: The image above also shows the customlogo in the title bar (upper-right) that is described in the previous section "Customize your meeting room."

Tip: To save time, you can also create a custom background for your online meeting room as follows:

  1. Upload a branded PowerPoint slide into a Share pod.
  2. Expand the Share pod to fill the background.
  3. Layer other pods on top of it to create the impression of branded background.

Additional Information

Note:  Administrative access to your account is necessary to change items within Connect Administration. All changes affect your entire account. If you change the login page, others using Connect at your organization can see this change. The only exception is the image background, which can change from meeting to meeting on the same account.

For more information on these topics, see "Customize the Branding of an Account" in Connect Pro Help.

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