Error converting file shared in Share Pod of ADobe Connect


When you share a file in the Share pod either from the content library or from your desktop, you receive the following error:

"There was an error converting your file."


Ensure that the shared storage drive has enough space. Create additional space, if necessary.

Additional information

When this error occurs, the following appears in the breeze logs - file: error.log


2010-10-26 09:26:06 "Error There is not enough space on the disk thrown while attempting to retrieve/write folder 7/14589893-41/fcs-meeting/." CLUSTER BACKUP_DISK_ERROR C S - "-" - - -

2010-10-26 09:26:12 "Error invalid entry size (expected 17187 but got 16384 bytes) thrown while attempting to retrieve/write folder 7/24178887-1/source/." CLUSTER ACKUP_DISK_ERROR C S - "-" - - - 

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